What is ShoeShu all about?

Simple, we're all about shoes. Our favourite designs pulled from different sources all gathered together here in the one place. Come on in, browse around - who knows, you may just find something that you like (or love). Each month we place a new FEATURED SHOE design here on the homepage.

Here is April's FEATURED SHOE
Very pretty and elegant for a casual shoe. We love this design here at ShoeShu as it makes us feel that summer is almost here!
ShoeShu is not an online retailer. We have no products and do not sell anything. What we do do is showcase designs we like and if you want to purchase something then you simply click on the image or title and you will be taken to the appropriate (and safe) seller's website. At present we mainly gather our favourite designs from 'Zazzle' and 'Amazon' so you know that if you decide to buy you can do so with complete confidence and peace of mind.
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